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Chef Nikki Steward, creator of The High-End Affair is one of the most sought-after culinary entertainment chefs in the country. Chef Nikki is a master in the art of cooking and conversation. Put her in front of a crowd, and she’ll spend hours spinning stories about life, local culture and cuisine.

A culinary artist who has prepared gastronomical experiences for corporate leaders, celebrities, athletes and social influencers! Her international travels have enabled her to study under executive chefs from around the world. She’s toured with Dj Khaled and curated dinners for celebs, including Snoop Dogg and Quavo. In front of dinner crowds, she spins stories about life, culture and local cuisine.

By partnering with Chef Nikki you will be able to expand audiences perceptions around cannabis and showcase how it can be creatively infused in culinary experiences.




The High-End Affair has an open kitchen policy. We invite event guests into the kitchen to interact with the culinary staff. Chef Nikki loves to chat and tell stories while she creates. Guest are excited and use stand in awe watching the team work, eagerly waiting for the next course to be served. It's an added treat that attendees don't expect and thoroughly enjoy the access.


The High-End Affair has a carefully selected team of cocktail developers and bartenders. All mixing ingredients are locally sourced and organic. All juices are fresh squeezed or cold pressed. Everyone on staff is trained and experienced with proper dosing techniques with both CBD & THC. Majority of our cocktails are CBD isolate based.

Previous Menu:
HEA Punch: Vodka, Citrus, Infused Charcoal Honey (CBD isolate) Black Tea
(Rocks glass, Quari Cubes, gold leaf garnish) - Chill with Dry Ice
All Aboard: Bourbon, Lemon, Infused (THC/CBD isolate) Clove and Pomegranate Syrup, Pineapple Express Terpenes,
(Rocks glass, ice, dehydrated pineapple slice)
High Definition: Gin, Papaya, Lemon, THC Infused Green Tea Syrup, Soda (Collins glass, ice, Green Tea Sprinkle)

Dirty AF Martini,” Vodka, Clementine Terpenated CBD Vermouth, Orange Peel (Coupe glass)
Spark it up: Sparkling Wine, CBD Clove and Persimmon Syrup (from above,) Girl Scout Cookie Terpenes (Champagne flute)


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Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 5.29.47 PM.png


The High-End Affair is always known for having an amazing variety of entertainment. In most markets, we like to select local exceptional talent. We have had an array of performance art from fire performers, contortionist, live canvas and body art painting, acoustic sets and illusionist. Never a dull moment!!


The High-End Affair is all about vibes! We pride ourself on electric music in a carefree atmosphere. Our rotation of guests DJ's along with vocal performance artists will add to the musical euphoria.

Our mission is to take you on a journey using house, lounge, hip hop, Ibiza, soul, disco and jazz as our vehicle.


Our top 3 priorities at the High-End Affair in regards to the environment is exclusivity, privacy, and comfort.

The events location isn't revealed until 2 hours prior to start time.

All attendees are required to sign a non disclosure agreements for the privacy of themselves and others.

We want our attendees to be present and enjoy the environment without having to worry about unwanted documentation taking place outside of the High-End Affair designated videographers and photographers.